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Thinking about making a move, or starting a real estate career in Greenville, SC?  There are A LOT of options in the Upstate for buyers, sellers, and even Realtors.  There is no best option, only the option that is best for you.  However, when looking into which company will provide you your best option, it is important to look at your investment and your return on that investment.


No matter what anyone tells you, every single brokerage has fees.  Some will say they float their fees until your next check, others won't call them fees, and say it's a cap out.  Regardless of that, they're all simply fees whether you pay them up front or as you earn commissions.

RE/MAX Moves is simple, and transparent.  An office costs a certain amount to run, and as RE/MAX International believed back in 1973, those costs should be split fairly across the office, and the agents should be rewarded with higher commission splits.  I mean, back then, 50/50 was still the norm! (can you imagine?)  So, based on a target number of agents per location, the costs of that location are split fairly across agents, and then each agent gets a 95/5 split.  Simple.  So, what if we exceed that target number of agents (without overcrowding of course) at a given location?  Well, then everyone's costs go down.  I mean, that's how it should be, right?  You have a certain number of people throwing into the pot, and while the pot does get a little bigger with every agent added, the overall cost per agent still goes down, and so should their fees.

So, what is that investment?  As of May 2017, each agent gets a 70/30 split until they reach $1.294M in sales (assuming their side is 3%), then they go to a 95/5 for the remainder of the year.  That means their total investment per year is $13,207.  If the agent chooses, they can pay even amounts monthly, and we will reduce their total investment to $12,060.  That means, at $1,005 per month, you can be at a 95/5 split for the entire year.  That is half of some competing brokerages, and even less than some others! I know I get chills thinking of how much I gave up during my first ten years in the business, knowing what I know now!

There's still the other side of the story.

Return on Investment

You've heard it before: "Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX."  Well, it's true.  Some real estate companies pride themselves on having the most agents, some pride themselves on selling the most in a certain market, and some for having the best training.  RE/MAX closed more transaction sides than any other real estate company in the country, and we've held that title for a LONG time.  Not only that, RE/MAX also sells more transaction sides per agent.  An average of 17.8 transaction sides per agent in the US.  Compare that to an average of 8.5 transactions per agent across all other national brands.  Even the second closest competitor only came in at 11.3 sides per agent!

Real estate is local, don't get me wrong, but only when it comes to data.  People are moving into and out of Greenville every day from all over the country and world.  Unless your brand reaches those consumers, your rank in the Greenville market is somewhat irrelevant.  RE/MAX has offices in nearly 100 countries, in nearly 6,500 offices to be exact!  When asked what brand the consumer thought about when thinking about real estate, 28.1% responded with RE/MAX compared to 16% Coldwell Banker and 4.2% Keller Williams.  Berkshire Hathaway is a new brand, therefore only 0.1% responded with their name.  People exploring Greenville constantly search RE/MAX in Google Maps, because it is the first name that comes to mind.  Our office gets calls regularly saying that RE/MAX is the name they knew, so that's what they searched for!

Enough about that, what is your return on investment with RE/MAX Moves?

  • Unprecedented social media exposure with agent specific promotion, currently reaching 30,000+ users per week.
  • Paid social media advertising for every new listing, with targeted demographics, with each budget based on list price.
  • Greenville Journal New Listing Announcements for homes $200,000+.
  • Showcase Listing Package on paid for every agent.
  • Business Cards, RE/MAX Moves L.L. Bean apparel item of your choice, and namebadge to get you started.
  • The Appointment Center Inc. scheduling service, with unlimited listings.
  • leads, with no referral fees, currently averaging 71 new leads per month.
  • RE/MAX LeadStreet leads generated through, also with no referral fees.
  • RE/MAX Design Center with 2,200+ marketing tools ranging from brochures to featured tours to postcards to videos to single property websites.
  • Agent websites, with full home search and lead capture functionality.
  • Agent microsites on, which proves to be far more beneficial than a simple profile like other companies offer.
  • Errors & Ommissions insurance, Admin Fees, Support Services, Desk Fees, or whatever else you can think of, are all included.
  • Microsoft Exchange hosted email with contact and calendar syncing to all of your devices with offline support.
  • An office pool of lockboxes and sign posts to use, you just buy your sign panels.

So that's it.  My goal in opening RE/MAX Moves was to stop giving away SO MUCH of my commissions, but continue to give agents actual value for what they're contributing.  The end result is that in just the first six months after opening RE/MAX Moves, I not only sold 18% more in GCI compared to the 6 months before with my previous company, but made 63% more in take home commissions even after my shared monthly investment (yes, I pay those too)!

Cameron Keegan - Broker-in-charge, Owner
RE/MAX Moves
Mobile: 864.238.7109

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