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I have been selling Greenville, SC real estate since 2003, and have helped more than 80 buyers find their future home. Although I enjoy every aspect of my real estate career, I have to admit that I love the satisfaction of helping someone buy their first home, or their fifth.  

Throughout my career, I have helped every type of buyer imaginable, including first-time home buyers, investors, second home (vacation home) purchasers, and those looking to retire to the Greenville, SC area.

  1. When I work with a buyer, it is important to understand, that my services are completely free.
  2. As your buyer's agent, I can search, based on your specific criteria, through every home for sale in the Greenville MLS, Anderson MLS, and Spartanburg MLS.
    • My buyers will also receive instant e-mail notifications, every time a new home enters the market, which matches their criteria.
  3. As we narrow the list to the homes you want to see, I will give my undivided attention to you, as we visit the homes.
    • During these showings, I will provide all available information including the seller's disclosure statement.
    • I will also provide a detailed map of our route, so you can see exactly where we'll be going.
    • As my past buyer clients know, I never show a single house that strays from their criteria, and I never try to oversell.
  4. As the list of homes narrows, I will prepare a comparable market analysis to ensure that you are getting a good value for one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime.
  5. Once my buyer client finds their future home, I will guide them through all contracts, disclosures,  and other necessary documents.
    • I will assist in negotiating all aspects of the contract, to fit the specific needs on my buyer.>
  6. As your buyer agent, I will coordinate and attend all meetings, including home inspection, termite inspection, etc.
    • I personally attend these meetings, and stay from start to completion.  My goal is not to guide the inspector, or assist in the process.  I feel that it is imperative to have a first hand knowledge of the inspector's findings in order to adequately interpret them in the repair request we will provide to the seller, or their agent.
  7. I will continue to work to ensure that the mortgage company (if applicable) has all necessary documentation, and let the appraiser into the property to complete their report.
  8. Once repairs have been completed,  I will meet my buyer at the home to perform a walk-through to make sure repairs have been completed as requested, and that the property is in a condition acceptable to the buyer.
  9. At this point, we're ready for closing.  As your buyer's agent, I will meet you at the closing attorney's office, and will be available to answer any questions you might have about the closing documents, or any last minute questions you may have.
  10. Last, but not least, throughout this entire process I will work in your best interests, since the seller already has someone else working in theirs.

Common Misconceptions About Working With A Buyer's Agent

  • There has to be some cost to the buyer.
    • Absolutely not.  I personally do not charge the buyer a single penny, when they purchase a home utilizing me as their buyer's agent.
    • The buyer's agent is simply paid out of the existing commission structure in the seller's listing agreement.  If you do not use a buyer's agent, there is a chance that the listing agent will simply get paid more than they would if you did use a buyer's agent.
  • Using a buyer's agent will affect the final selling price of the home I am interested in.
    • Correct, more than likely you will pay less by having someone to negotiate in your best interests with another Realtor.
    • The commission structure is set up at the time the property is listed; utilizing a buyer's agent will have absolutely no effect on the final selling price of a listed home.
    • The buyer could end up paying less because there are various ways to incorporate costs which would normally be paid out-of-pocket.

Common Misconceptions About The Current Real Estate Market

  • Home prices are falling everywhere.
      • Not true at all, in fact, the FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency) home price index released on February 24th, 2009 showed that 34.2% of the 292 metro areas indexed actually appreciated in 3rd quarter 2008 compared to 3rd quarter 2007.  Not only that, but home values in 93.5% of those indexed areas are still averaging 27% appreciation since 2003 (or 5.4% per year).
      • The same price index from the FHFA showed Greenville-Mauldin-Easley MSA as having the 13th highest appreciation of 291 metro areas indexed in 4th quarter 2008.  A 3.23% increase compared to 4th quarter 2007, a 1.05% increase compared to 3rd quarter 2008, and 22.85% since 4th quarter 2003.
      • On February 12th, 2009, released their home price index, which showed Greenville, South Carolina as having the 17th highest appreciation rate of 152 metro areas in the US, up 1.37% in 2008.
      • Greenville, SC has appreciated by an average of 2.64% every year since 2004.
      • The PMI Group Inc. released their Winter 2009 Price Risk Index, and stated that Greenville has "a minimal risk of decline in average home price over the next two years."
      • Due to the fact that the Greater Greenville area did not experience outrageous price increases, our market has always been expected to recover much earlier than others.  In the April 2009 issue of Money Magazine, they specifically mentioned Greenville, SC as being one of the most stable markets in the country, and predicted our recovery in 2nd quarter 2009.
  • A buyer needs a minimum of 20% for down payment, and perfect credit in order to buy a home.
      • There are many loan programs still available in the Upstate, which offer 5% down payment options, FHA loans still offer down payment assistance programs, and many popular areas are still eligible for USDA Rural Development loans.  Just a few examples of eligible areas are parts of Simpsonville and Taylors.
        • “USDA Rural Development has partnered with local lenders to help them extend 100% financing opportunities to rural individuals and families.” - USDA
      • As for perfect credit, far from the truth in our area.  Yes, the subprime lending market no longer exists, but those with average credit can still find financing, and interest rates are currently averaging around 5% in our area.
      • The rationale behind both statements is the fact that lenders still consider Greenville SC a low-risk market, and they are more willing to lend in our area compared to areas where there is a high risk for further price decline.

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