The Hard Truth about Hardwood Floors

Posted by Cameron Keegan on Thursday, March 31st, 2016 at 6:03pm.

Are you looking to refresh your floors but not sure which hardwood way to go? We've got the ins and outs of hardwood and look alike options, and we've priced it out for you from the most expensive to cheap as chips. With these options, you'll be able to afford to do your entire house and make it look as though it was done professionally and for top dollar. Keep reading to learn more about redoing your own hardwood floors.

Authentic Hardwoods

types of hardwood floorsSolid wood flooring is similar to a fine wine – it's excellent for longevity and looks more beautiful as it ages. Or if you're not a fan of aged hardwood floors, you can easily refinish and stain it. Each type of wood has its own pros and cons, but rest assured, all wood flooring exudes character and charm and is often an excellent selling feature.

A lot of modern hardwood has been designed with a tongue and groove system, promising an easy installation. Additionally, many people prefer the authenticity of natural hardwood and the softer surface it provides. Keep in mind, authentic hardwood is also easier to dent and cannot be left wet. Also, hardwood is more expensive than manufactured or laminate flooring.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered or manufactured hardwood is a mixture of both authentic hardwood and laminate. The core is generally made out of plywood or fibre board and the top layer consists of a hardwood veneer that mimics authentic hardwood. This type of flooring is often preferred to natural because it is more adaptable and resistant to heat and moisture and offers a more natural look than laminate. Furthermore, manufactured hardwood also usually has an easy click loc installation process.

Unlike authentic hardwood, this engineered flooring can also be installed below grade and direct to concrete. There is no glue necessary. The challenges that engineered hardwood faces is the lack of being able to sand it down or refinish it, making them hard to repair.

Laminate Flooring

pros and cons of laminate flooringIf you're looking for something that is cost-effective, durable and in a particular style or color, you'll love laminate flooring. This is probably the most versatile of all the options and is typically made of high density fiber rather than actual wood. The top layer is essentially, a photograph designed to mimic the wood you're going for. Whether you prefer bamboo, hardwood, gray, black or oak, you'll be able to have your pick with laminate. Additionally, they're extremely easy to install. They also have a tongue and groove locking system. And they're up to 5x more scratch resistant than natural hardwoods and extremely affordable.

Many people tend to stray away from laminate because they might be quite noisy to walk on with a hollow sound. Other people dislike the lack of authenticity and the slipperiness. Dependent of your needs, this type of flooring can be a real winner.

So, if you're looking to integrate hardwood flooring into your Greenville home, consider the long term costs, installation and durability of each type. Or if you're really brave, you can make your own hardwood floors for dirt cheap out of plywood panels. You'll be amazed at the look of these and extremely proud of doing it yourself.

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