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Posted by Cameron Keegan on Friday, May 15th, 2015 at 12:04pm.

The right offer price for Greenville real estateSo, you’ve found a piece of Greenville real estate that’s caught your attention and are getting ready to make an offer. You like the location and have considered the condition of the property, potential improvements and current market conditions. Now what?

Before you saddle up and put forward your initial offer price, it’s important to analyze information from Greenville’s comparable sales to help determine what range your offer should fall within. Easier said than done I’m afraid. The most valuable information for you would be the selling price of the most recent realty transactions in Greenville.

Knowing how much the house down the street sold for a couple weeks ago would be very helpful figures to have in this situation. The problem is that there is no actual record available for public reference until the transaction is complete. Greenville public records don’t have this information because the actual contract price could change up until the actual ‘closing’ is complete and then the deed will be recorded. This could take upwards of three months.

Another place to look for helpful insight of recent sales might be the Greenville Multiple Listing Service (or MLS). Unfortunately certain measures have been put in place to help protect the sellers should the deal fall through. Once a property in Greenville has sold, it becomes a ‘pending sale’ and all pricing information is removed from the listing. The idea behind this is that it would be an unfair advantage for potential buyers to know what price point the seller had been willing to accept earlier.

Pricing information on Greenville homes

To summarize, here’s where you can look for info to help create an offer price on a Greenville home:

  • Greenville MLS – good information but not 100% accessible to public
  • Greenville Public Records – good information but can lack accuracy because it runs 6-12 weeks behind

RE/MAX Moves can provide you with the comparable sales data you need to help determine an offer price that is accurate. Don’t let the home you want slip through your fingers because of inaccurate information and timing. Working with us will ensure that your offer price is strategic, competitive and will deliver the results you need. To speak with someone directly about making an offer on a Greenville home, contact us or call (864) 520-1000 to get in touch.

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