Apps to Simplify Your Life After Becoming a Homeowner

Posted by Cameron Keegan on Thursday, October 16th, 2014 at 6:33pm.

Your Life After Becoming A HomeownerSo you’ve dipped your toes in the Greenville real estate market, now what? After purchasing a home in Greenville there’s still a lot to learn and more importantly a lot to do! Luckily tech savvy app developers seem to understand that people need a hand with this and have created some great tools that will help you every step of the way.  Here’s a list of some of apps that will help simplify your life after becoming a homeowner.

1. SnapShop

Maybe you’ve just finished staging your home, but knowing how furniture will look in your new home can be challenging to visualize, especially with curved walls or oddly shaped rooms. This app will help you see how things will look, without having to do all the grunt work of actually moving the furniture around.  Upload an image of the room and virtually overlay furniture from your favorite retailers to see how it’ll look. Find furniture that’s similar to what you already have (or are coveting) to get a better sense of what will work where. Genius.   

2. BrightNest

Now that you’re a homeowner, coincidentally you’re also an owner of a ‘honey-do’ list. BrightNest helps you stay up to date with your responsibilities and gives you important reminders of maintenance tasks. Track things like when you should replace the smoke alarm batteries and schedule when you need to have your gutters cleaned. Change the honey-do’s to honey-don’t-worry!

3. ColorSmart

Can’t stand having a yellow bathroom for the rest of your life? Understandable. However, finding the perfect paint to replace the offending color might prove to be more challenging than you’d thought. When you do spot the perfect shade of blue, grey or eggshell (whatever that really is), snap a quick photo of it and use this app to help you match the paint color. Lifesaver!

4. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Sometimes referred to as the Wikipedia of interior design, this app will help provide you with countless ideas for decorating your new home.

5. Suncalc

Get a better sense of the natural lighting in your home with this handy app. It will show you the position of the sun at specific times of the day. This is also great for understanding which plants will (or in some cases won’t) flourish in your new yard.

There are lots of fun apps available for new homeowners, but the overall key to enjoying the process is to stay organized and informed. Is there a favorite app you’ve discovered after becoming a homeowner? Let us know in the comments below!

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