5 Steps for Staging your Greenville home

Posted by Cameron Keegan on Monday, September 29th, 2014 at 5:37pm.

Staging your home

When going to sell your home in Greenville, or anywhere in South Carolina really, I can’t stress enough how staging your home properly will help you save time and get a better price for your home. Time after time, applying the rules listed below has helped my clients sell their Greenville homes:

1. First Impressions

The first impression homebuyers will have of your home is the exterior, an often forgotten or neglected part of the selling process. When people are interested in buying a home, often they’ll choose the location first. What many people don’t realize is that homebuyers may already be scanning your neighborhood before your home is even officially listed. I always highlight this to my clients, because while we can control when homebuyers see the interior of your home, we can’t control the when they see the exterior. Remember to keep up with the maintenance of your home’s exterior and ensure that everything looks up to date when you go to list it.

2. Depersonalize It

Once your Greenville home is listed, it now becomes a product. When you go to sell, you’re trying to present the home as a home for someone else (easier said than done!). When someone first enters a home they’re thinking about buying, they need to be able to imagine the life they’ll have living there. Having personal items, such as photos or clutter, can really distract from this. Getting things in order may require a bit of grunt work up front, but it’s well worth the results!

3. Emotional Connection

Finding a way to separate your home from the rest on the market can be tough, especially if there are several homes for sale in your neighborhood. While you can’t put your house on a quieter street, you can make your home feel ‘homier’. The smell of baking always seems to appeal to homebuyers because of the emotional connection it creates. This always seems to be a less is more tactic, where you want to stay away from overpowering scents and ensure that air is fresh and ‘homier’ than your competition. The proof is in the pudding.

4. Move In Ready

This might be the one of the pricier to-do list items when it comes to staging your home, but it doesn’t have to be. Simple things, like making sure all the light bulbs are working and that the faucet isn’t leaking is an important part of showing potential homebuyers that your home is move in ready. Take the time to assess your home and consider fixing things that look like they need attention.

5. Extra Room = Extra Curb Appeal

Have you been using that extra room as a dumping ground? Take a bit of time to reorganize your things so you can showcase this room to buyers. It's important that every room have a clear and defined purpose, so think about what buyers might want to see. A guest room or an office has a lot more curb appeal than an oversized closet.

It’s a challenging task to warp your head around the idea that your home is a product, but if you can you’re miles ahead of the game. By implementing some of these simple staging techniques, you’re on a track to successfully selling your Greenville home!

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