January 2015

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Ways to save on your heating bill in Greenville SC

When the winter months arrive in Greenville, South Carolina we're lucky in the sense that they're usually fairly mild. With that in mind homeowners (or future homeowners!) are always looking for a few ways to keep their costs down while keeping their homes warm. With a few basic updates here and there you can minimize the costs associated with owning your own piece of Greenville real estate.

Here are a few places to start:

1. Worn weather stripping

Out with the old and in with the new! Cut down on the drafts in your Greenville home by replacing worn weather stripping. Letting the heat slip out through unsealed windows and doors can be expensive, so it’s good to check things over as part of your regular home maintenance routines. When the warm

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Free Greenville Property Valuation

Free Greenville Property Valuation Tool

Are you interested in learning about how your current home stacks up against other Greenville properties for sale? RE/MAX Moves is proud to announce that we have a new tool on our site that is dedicated to making that possible (and VERY easy)!

With our new Comparative Market Analysis tool, or CMA tool, you can pull the most up-to-date Greenville listing information and recent sale history in your area. Using a radius search parameter, this tool pulls current information from the Greenville MLS board and presents the data in an easy-to-read fashion.

To get started, simply enter your location and a few details about the property (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.), then press locate! It’s that easy.

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Well, you've shopped for a Greenville home and decided on a fixer upper! Now what? There are plenty of advantages to owning a home that needs a little TLC but the reality is you've signed yourself up for an adventure that will require a bit of planning :)

First things first, you need to determine how much money you'd like to spend on home renovation projects. In addition to this it's also good to consider how much time you'd like to invest as well. It's easy to day dream about a kitchen upgrade but you should consider how long you might be willing to live without a sink! Really, you should take a bit of time to consider how cost effective the upgrades are that you want. With all this in mind, here are my top planning tips to help ensure that your

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Greenville SC real estate in 2015

To the delight of many, 2014 was a fantastic year for real estate in Greenville South Carolina, and there's even more in store for the Upstate. A strong economy generally goes hand in hand with a strong housing market. Not to mention there was also the added draw of employment opportunities which were enticing buyers from around the country to move here. Greenville real estate stabilized in 2014 and continuous growth is expected for Greenville and the surrounding area.

What's in store for the 2015 Greenville Real Estate Market?

This is a buyer's market. Things have come back and stabilized, and apart from a few hiccups here and there, Greenville real estate has been gaining momentum continuously over the past few years. Interest rates are still some

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