November 2014

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Greenville County Schools, SC

When shopping for a home in Greenville, everyone has a list of priorities or ‘must haves’ if you will. But, I’ve also found that many families have a corresponding ‘must haves’ list for the new schools they’ll be sending their kids to. In addition to all of the realty questions I get from clients, I also get a lot of questions about homes available in particular school zones!

In Greenville County School District, or GCSD, students attend schools based primarily on the location of their homes. It's not uncommon for buyers to start their home search based solely on homes available for a particular school. They hear about a strong arts program at Stone Academy or academic achievements of Bells Crossing and want to know more about homes in that area.

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Greenville Condo Market

When it comes to downtown Greenville, residents and developers alike have condominiums on their mind. Earlier this year Greenville’s mayor announced that he predicts there will be roughly 2,000 condos and apartments added to Greenville's downtown, nearly doubling the amount of residential units in downtown Greenville by the end of 2015.

Many attribute the successful growth of Greenville's downtown to the focus on mixed use space; the idea behind it being that more residential units will eventually increase the demand for more office and retail space. This is great for the Greenville condominium market and our real estate in general. A once deserted downtown is now flourishing with foot traffic, restaurants, offices and residential space. With plans

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